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AdS(5) compactifications with punctures in massive IIA supergravity


Authors: Ibrahima Bah, Achilleas Passias, Alessandro Tomasiello
Preprint number: UUITP-12/17

We find AdS(5) solutions holographically dual to compactifications of six-dimensional N=(1,0) supersymmetric field theories on Riemann surfaces with punctures. We simplify a previous analysis of supersymmetric AdS(5) IIA solutions, and with a suitable Ansatz we find explicit solutions organized in three classes, where an O8--D8 stack, D6- and D4-branes are simultaneously present, localized and partially localized. The D4-branes are smeared over the Riemann surface and this is interpreted as the presence of a uniform distribution of punctures.  For the first class we identify the corresponding six-dimensional theory as an E-string theory coupled to a quiver gauge theory.  The second class of solutions lacks D6-branes and its central charge scales as n^{5/2},  suggesting a five-dimensional origin for the dual field theory.  The last class has elements of the previous two.