Institutionen för fysik och astronomi

Connecting the ambitwistor and the sectorized heterotic strings


Authors: Thales Azevedo and Renann Lipinski Jusinskas

Preprint number UUITP-26/17

The sectorized description of the (chiral) heterotic string using pure spinors has been misleadingly viewed as an infinite tension string. One evidence for this fact comes from the tree level 3-point graviton amplitude, which we show to contain the usual Einstein term plus a higher curvature
contribution. After reintroducing a dimensionful parameter $\ell$ in the theory, we demonstrate that the heterotic model is in fact two-fold, depending on the choice of the supersymmetric sector, and that the spectrum also contains one massive (open string like) multiplet. By taking the $\ell\to\infty$ limit, we finally show that the ambitwistor string is recovered, reproducing the unexpected heterotic state in Mason and Skinner's RNS description.