Institutionen för fysik och astronomi

On the Prospects for Detecting a Net Photon Circular Polarization Produced by Decaying Dark Matter


Authors: Andrey Elagin, Jason Kumar, Pearl Sandick, Fei Teng

Preprint Number: UUITP-30/17

If dark matter interactions with Standard Model particles are CP-violating, then dark matter annihilation/decay can produce photons with a net circular polarization. We consider the prospects for experimentally detecting evidence for such a circular polarization. We identify optimal models for dark matter interactions with the Standard Model, from the point of view of detectability of the net polarization, for the case of either symmetric or asymmetric dark matter. We find that, for symmetric dark matter, evidence for net polarization could be found by a search of the Galactic Center by an instrument sensitive to circular polarization with an efficiency-weighted exposure of at least 50000 cm^2 yr, provided the systematic detector uncertainties are constrained at the 1% level. Much better sensitivity can be obtained in the case of asymmetric dark matter. We discuss the prospects for achieving the needed level of performance using possible detector technologies.