q-Virasoro modular triple


Authors: Fabrizio Nieri, Yiwen Pan, Maxim Zabzine

Preprint Number: UUITP-38/17

Inspired by 5d supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories placed on the compact space S5, we propose an intriguing algebraic construction for the q-Virasoro algebra. We show that, when multiple q-Virasoro “chiral” sectors have to be fused together, a natural SL(3, Z) structure arises. This construction, which we call the modular triple, is consistent with the observed triple factorization properties of supersymmetric partition functions derived from localization arguments. We also give a 2d CFT-like construction of the modular triple, and conjecture for the first time a (non-local) Lagrangian formulation for a q-Virasoro model, resembling ordinary Liouville theory.