A massive class of N= 2 AdS(4) IIA solutions


Authors: Achilleas Passias, Daniel Prins, Alessandro Tomasiello

Preprint number: UUITP-20/18

We initiate a classification of N=2  supersymmetric AdS(4) solutions of (massive) type IIA supergravity. The internal space is locally equipped with either an SU(2) or an identity structure. We focus on the SU(2) structure and determine the conditions it satisfies, dictated by supersymmetry. Imposing as an ansatz that the internal space is complex, we reduce the problem of finding solutions to a Riccati ODE, which we solve analytically. We obtain in this fashion a large number of new families of solutions, both regular as well as with localized O8-planes and conical Calabi-Yau singularities. We also recover many solutions already discussed in the literature.