Unraveling conformal gravity amplitudes


Authors: Henrik Johansson, Gustav Mogull, Fei Teng

Preprint number: UUITP-24/18

Conformal supergravity amplitudes are obtained from the double-copy construction using gauge-theory amplitudes, and compared to direct calculations starting from conformal supergravity Lagrangians. We consider several different theories: minimal N = 4 conformal supergravity, non-minimal N = 4 Berkovits-Witten conformal supergravity, mass-deformed versions of these theories, as well as supersymmetry truncations thereof. Coupling the theories to a Yang-Mills sector is also considered. For all cases we give the gravity Lagrangians that the double copy implicitly generates. The two main results are: we determine a Lagrangian for the non-minimal Berkovits-Witten theory, and we uncover the double-copy prescription for the minimal N = 4 conformal supergravity.