AdS2 x S7 solutions from D0 - F1 - D8 intersections


Authors: Giuseppe Dibitetto and Achilleas Passias
Preprint number: UUITP-26/18

We study an exhaustive analytic class of massive type IIA backgrounds preserving sixteen real supercharges and enjoying SL(2, R) x SO(8) bosonic symmetry. The corresponding geometry is described by AdS2 × S7 warped over a line, which turns out to emerge from taking the near-horizon limit of D0 - F1 - D8 intersections. By studying the singularity structure of these solutions we find the possible presence of localized O8/D8 sources, as well as of fundamental strings smeared over the S7 . Finally we discuss the relation between the aforementioned solutions and the known AdS7 x S2 class through double analytic continuation.