Berends–Giele currents in Bern–Carrasco-Johansson gauge for F^3- and F^4-deformed Yang–Mills amplitudes


Authors: Lucia M. Garozzo, Leonel Queimada, Oliver Schlotterer

Preprint number: UUITP-40/18

We construct new representations of tree-level amplitudes in D-dimensional gauge theories with deformations via higher-mass-dimension operators \alpha' F^3 and \alpha'^2 F^4. Based on Berends—Giele recursions, the tensor structure of these amplitudes up to the order of \alpha’^2 is compactly organized via off-shell currents. On the one hand, we present manifestly cyclic representations, where the complexity of the currents is systematically reduced. On the other hand, the duality between color and kinematics due to Bern, Carrasco and Johansson is manifested by means of non-linear gauge transformations of the currents. We exploit the resulting notion of Bern--Carrasco--Johansson gauge to provide explicit and manifestly local double-copy representations for gravitational amplitudes involving \alpha' R^2 and \alpha'^2 R^3 operators.