A new light on the darkest corner of the landscape


Preprint number: UUITP-50/18

Authors: Johan Blåbäck, Ulf Danielsson and Giuseppe Dibitetto

Abstract: Motivated by the recently proposed bounds on the slow-roll parameters for
scalar potentials arising from string/M-theory compactifications, a.k.a. the
Refined de Sitter Swampland conjecture, we explore the sharpness of such
constraints within 4D supergravities coming from compactifications of massive
type IIA string theory on T 6 /(Z 2 × Z 2 ). With the aid of a numerical technique,
known as differential evolution, we are able to find a de Sitter extremum which
is fully metastable up to one single flat direction. This solution is supported by
spacetime filling sources such as O6 planes and KK monopoles. Our example
violates the bound imposed by this conjecture.