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Publications from the division of applied nuclear physics

More than 60 researchers and graduate students are involved in the research of the division, and many publications are added every year. Follow the links to find what has been published.

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Older students' theses

Older masters theses from the division of applied nuclear physics are listed here, up to the year 2010. Many of these can not be found in the university library database, and therefore they are listed separately on this page.

Matilda Åberg Lindell, August 2010
"Safeguards Licensing Aspects of a Future Generation IV Demonstration Facility - a Case Study"
M.Sc. Thesis.
Richard Fridström, June 2010
"Response of the Gamma TIP Detectors in a Nuclear Boiling Water Reactor"
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Westinghouse
Axel Rudling, 2010
"Mechanistic modeling of dryout in fuel assemblies with complex spatial power distribution"
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Westinghouse
Jonas Isaksson, May 2010
"Transientanalys för Forsmark block 2 och 3: Studie av hur val av driftpunkt och pumpreglering påverkar torrkokningsgränsvärdet"
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with FKA
Viktor Sivertsson, February 2010
"Hydrogen production using high temperature nuclear reactors : A feasibility study"
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Vattenfall R&D
Cecilia Larsson, January 2010
"Upgrade and validation of PHX2MCNP for criticality analysis calculations for spent fuel storage pools"
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Westinghouse
Mikael Ewing & Mattias Lindgren, 2010
"LCA av en natriumkyld snabbreaktor med avseende på koldioxidutsläpp"
B.Sc. Thesis
Anna Sand, 2009
"Modelling of the Reactor Containment Cooling in OL1 and OL2"
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Westinghouse
Henrik Larsson, 2009
"Evaluation of POLCA7’s void prediction performance during start-up conditions"
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Westinghouse
Joel Edström, 2009
"Utvärdering av Flowmaster som verktyg för flödestekniska beräkningar"
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Westinghouse
Anna-Maria Carstensen, August 2009
"A method for energy analysis using electricity as basis of evaluation applied to a Swedish nuclear power plant"
UPTEC ES 09022
M.Sc. Thesis.
Carolina Brynjell Rakkola, 2009
”Validation of VIPRE-01 for application to BWR subchannel core thermal hydraulics”
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Westinghouse
Mattias Håkansson, June 2009
”Monte Carlo simulations of proton background in the Medley experiment"
M.Sc. Thesis
Cheuk Wah Lau, May 2009
”Prerequisites for a future implementation of a closed nuclear fuel cycle in Sweden”
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Vattenfall R&D
Gustav Wallin, April 2009
”Gamma Scanning Software for ORTEC DSPEC Pro”
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Westinghouse
Kenny Granath, February 2009
"Feasibility study of a light-weight, transportable equipment for gamma-scanning measurements on nuclear fuel"
M.Sc. Thesis
– in collaboration with Westinghouse
Karen Kvenangen, June 2007
"Alternative Measuring Approaches in Gamma Scanning on Spent Nuclear Fuel"
UU-NF 07#08 M.Sc. Thesis.
Charlotte Lager, April 2007
"Investigation of the Spectroscopic Performance of a Cadmium Telluride Detector Using Pulse Shape Correction and Digital Techniques"
UU-NF 07#07 M.Sc. Thesis.
Karin Holmqvist, May 2006
"Tomographic Reconstruction of the Void Distribution in the Nuclear Fuel Test Loop FRIGG"
M.Sc. Thesis.
Pernilla Andersson, April 2006
"Possibilities to enhance the energy resolution of semiconductor gamma-ray detectors by using Frisch grids"
Project work.
Anni Fritzell, March 2006
"Concerns when designing a safeguards approach for the back-end of the Swedish fuel cycle" M.Sc. Thesis.
Mats Troeng, December 2004
"Positioning of Nuclear Fuel Assemblies by Means of Image Analysis on Tomographic Data" ISV-3/2005 M.Sc. Thesis.
Tobias Lundqvist, August 2004
"Investigation of Algebraic Reconstruction Techniques for Tomographic Measurements on Spent Nuclear Fuel Assemblies" ISV-6/2005 M.Sc. Thesis.
Johan Kilander, May 2002
"Utredning inför omkonstruktion av Pluto - en utrustning för gammatomografi av använt kärnbränsle" ISV-1/2002 M.Sc. Thesis.
Marcus Agåker, January 2001
"Collimator transmission" Project work in the course Modern Experimental Physics Get.
Anders Hjalmarsson, April 1998
"Design of a collimator-detector system for tomographic measurement of nuclear fuel, using the Monte Carlo simulation code GEANT" Project work.
Camilla Andersson, 1997
"Possibilities and Limitations of the Tomographic Method for verification of the Integrity of Spent Nuclear Fuel" ISV-1/1998 M.Sc. Thesis.
Staffan Jacobsson, August 1996
"Theoretical investigations of tomographic methods used for determination of the integrity of spent BWR nuclear fuel" UPTEC 96 115E, ISSN 0346-8887 ISV-6/1997 M.Sc. Thesis.
Jonas Bäckman, March 1996
"Improvements of the spectroscopic performance for a 2 mm thick Cadmium Telluride detector" M.Sc. Thesis.
Peter Jansson, February 1996
"Determination of the Residual Thermal Power in Spent Nuclear Fuel from Gamma-Ray Measurements" ISV-4/1997 M.Sc. Thesis.
Hans Palmgren, June 1995
"A Software Package for Evaluation and Simulation of Tomographic data from Spent Nuclear Fuel Assenblies"
B. Brienen, R. Cortenraad
"Resolution improvement of a Cadmium Telluride detector" VDF/NK 94-29
Ricardo Yanez, 1990
"A Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Detector"
Peter B.R. Björkholm and Anna T. Dyring, January 1990
"A Study of a High Rate Gamma-Spectrometer System for burnup measurements" UPTEC 90 015E, ISSN 0346-8887