Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics

We conduct research on light–matter interactions at the atomic level. The aquired knowledge of the electronic properties is then used to develop important applications within energy and environmental science, as well as new functional materials. 

Ongoing research in molecular and condensed matter physics

Our Research

The research at the Division of Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics concerns the part of physics that examines matter and processes at the atomic level. The division is recognized as world leading in the development of X-ray based spectroscopic methodologies as powerful tools for the study of atomic processes. This has given us a leading position in the study of atoms, molecules and condensed matter – in particular materials, surfaces and interfaces with applications in the areas of energy, environment and advanced technology.

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​​In the spotlight

We are organizing a meeting in Uppsala on DiffMAX combined with Electron Spectroscopies on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2017. The aim is to discuss the scientific case for using X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic methods for the proposed DiffMAX beamline at the MAX IV laboratory.