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You can find your schedule in Time Edit or download it to your calendar in vCal or iCal format at TekNat Mobilwebb (in Swedish). If the schedule is changed, the changes will also be transferred to your calendar.

Repetitionskurser i fysik 2017

Institutionen för fysik och astronomi ger ett antal repetitionskurser för de som har missat ordinarie tentamen. Kurserna ges veckorna innan omtentamenstillfällena. Anmälan till omtentamen görs i Studentportalen, där du också hittar information om tid och plats för tentamen.

Elektromagnetism I

Repetitionskursen ges 7-11 augusti, med tentamen den 15 augusti 2017, och innehåller repetition av:

  • Elektromagnetism I, 1FA514
  • Eldelen av Elektromagnetism och vågrörelselära, 1FA528
  • Delar av (ungefär hälften) av Elektromagnetism 1FA603

Lärare: Max Wolff

Schema Elektromagnetism I

Anmälan till repetitionskurs Elektromagnetism I

Mekanik II

Repetitionskursen ges 7-16 augusti, med tentamen 19 augusti 2017, och innehåller repetition av:

  • Mekanik II, 1FA102
  • Mekanik KF del 2 1FA602

Lärare: Staffan Yngve

Schema Mekanik II

Anmälan till repetitionskurs Mekanik II

Mekanik Baskurs

Repetitionskursen ges 14-18 augusti, med tentamen 22 augusti 2017, och innehåller repetition av:

  • Mekanik baskurs 1FA105
  • Mekanik KF del 1 1FA602

Lärare: Paul Barklem

Schema Mekanik baskurs

Anmälan till repetitionskurs Mekanik baskurs


You will find information about examination on the central pages at Uppsala University.


Dates for re-examinations

Re-exam routines academic year 2016/2017

Each exam will be followed by at least two re-examinations per year of which one will be offered in the re-exam period in August. Some courses have several course occasions per year. In the document below with guidelines is a table that shows when the re-examinations shall be provided. For courses that go over two periods, the period in which the exam is, is the one referred to in the table below. Note that re-exam in addition to the re-exam periods also can be written in conjunction with regular course occasion for those who read the course earlier. See also the guidelines for re-examinations within the faculty of Science and Technology 2016/2017.

Re-examination periods 2016/2017

  1. Re-examination week 1 (2-5/1)
  2. Re-examination week 16 18-22/4
  3. Re-examination week 23 och 24 (7-13/6)
  4. Re-examination for all courses week 33 and 34 (14-26/8)

More information about examinations is found here

Re-exam routines academic year 2017/2018

Guidelines for re-examinations within the faculty of Science and Technology 2017/2018.