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Incoming Erasmus Students

General agreements

General exchange programmes are open to all students. These programmes comprise multiple or all subject areas at the foreign host university. The International Office is responsible for general exchange programmes. 

More information about general exchange programmes.

Uppsala University boasts exchange agreements with 500 universities in some 50 countries.

List of all exchange agreements at Uppsala University 

Student at other universities

If you are a student at a university not listed below please contact the International Office at Uppsala University and/or contact the international office at

Official dates for the academic year 2018-2019

The academic year is divided in autumn semester and spring semester. Each semester is divided into two study periods of about 2.5 months each. A typical course lasts one period.

Autumn semester: 3 Sep 2018- 20 Jan 2019

Spring semester: 21 Jan 2019-  9 June 2019

Welcome meeting for incoming Erasmus students Autumn 2018

There will be a welcome/information meeting at Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala, more information will be announced in due time.

Study abroad

Incoming Erasmus Students Autumn 2018 - Spring 2019

Application & Acceptance procedure

You need to be first nominated by your local Erasmus coordinator, who will forward to your nomination, together with your valid email account.

We will send to the indicated email account an active link for an on line application using the MoveOn platform. This is a Uppsala University wide application platform. You will be guided on line for your application procedure. It is a good practice to use the list of courses for exchange students to refine your course search.

More information about exchange studies in Uppsala 

After the deadline for application, your application is checked for completness and your academic record evaluated. If you are accepted as an Erasmus student, you will receive a confirmation letter.

A few weeks after the application deadline (first week of June for autumn semester, the end of November for spring semester) you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address in your application, confirming your acceptance and including the International Student Guide, which has useful information about Uppsala University.

Every semester, the International office at Uppsala University, the student nations and the Student Unions organize a range of activities to welcome new international students. During these days you will get the chance to meet other exchange students, learn about Uppsala student life, get guided tours of Uppsala and several other activities.

Deadline incoming students

15 April for autumn semester (September - January) or a whole academic year
15 October for spring term (January - June)

Time tables

The course schedules will appear some weeks before course starts.


Dimitri Arvanitis or
Rabab Elkarib

Travel and arrival

For those coming for the whole academic year or the autumn semester, it is recommended that you arrive on third week of August. For those coming for the spring semester, it is recommended to arrive in the week of January 14th. This is in order to settle and participate in the activities of the Welcome Week that the University organizes for new students (see below). Courses will normally start in the last week of August/first week of September and in the third week of January.

To Uppsala from Arlanda airport

Arlanda airport (code ARN) is about 30 km from Uppsala. The most convenient way to come to Uppsala is to take bus number 801 (bus stop number 13 at the exit of the terminal) or the train Upptåget.

Bus 801 Arlanda airport->Uppsala central station: every half hour, at 12 and 42 minutes past the hour.
This is from Terminal 5, the starting point. add 3 minutes if you arrive to terminal 4, and 5 minutes for terminals 2 and 3. The ticket costs 100 SEK and can be bought from the driver.

There is also a train, leaving from SkyCity (between terminals 2 and 4). It takes 20 mins and it costs 130 SEK. Tickets are bought in the counter or in the vending machines in the lobby, before going down to the piers.
NOTE: Do not follow the Arlanda Express signs. These are for the express train to Stockholm only.

Train Arlanda airport->Uppsala central station: every half hour at 17 and 57 minutes past the hour. First train at 5:27am, last train at 23:57. 

To Uppsala from other airports

Some of the so-called low-cost air companies coming to Stockholm fly to the smaller regional airports of Skavsta or Västerås. Note that these airports are not so close to Uppsala and they are not well connected, so getting to Uppsala can be costly and take a long time.

Uppsala city buses

A single bus ticket for Uppsala city buses cost about 30 SEK. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes and you can change bus as many times you want within this period. You can buy a bus card for a longer period and then the each individual trip will cost 20 SEK.

The busses that come to the Angstrom laboratory are 17, 20, 21, 22.

Money issues

As you may know, Sweden is not in the Eurozone. At the time of this writing 1 euro = 10.3 SEK. You can check the exchange rate here for example.

Uppsala tourist office

You can take a look at the Uppsala tourist office, page where you can check the city map and get other information.