Seminar: Light spread manipulation in scintillators using Laser Induced Optical Barriers

  • Date:
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 11167
  • Lecturer: Lisa Bläckberg
  • Contact person: Lisa Bläckberg
  • Seminarium

The emerging Laser Induced Optical Barriers (LIOB) technique is based on the use of a high power pulsed laser tightly focused inside a scintillator crystal to locally change the refractive index inside the material. The resulting so-called Optical Barriers will redirect the scintillation light, and the technique can hence be used to control the light spread in the detector. This feature can be explored to develop high spatial resolution detectors for a number of imaging applications, including PET, SPECT and CT. Given that the optical barriers are semi-opaque the performance characteristics of the resulting detector will be somewhere between the two mainstream detector types: mechanically pixelated arrays and monolithic crystals. The major benefit of the technique is the high level of flexibility compared to standard fabrication techniques, as well as cost-effective fabrication of small pixels. This talk will give an overview of the technique as well as a summary of our efforts related to detector development for medical imaging.