Soft gluon resummation in associated production of top-antitop with Higgs, Z or W at the LHC

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 2371
  • Lecturer: Leszek Motyka (Jagellonian University, Krakow)
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  • Organiser: Gunnar Ingelman
  • Contact person: Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez
  • Seminarium

In order to maximize physics potential of the LHC it is necessary to provide precise theoretical predictions of the Standard Model processes. The soft gluon resummation is a powerful technique to improve fixed order predictions through all-order resummation of enhanced terms in the perturbative QCD series. We apply this technique to calculate cross sections for hadroproduction processes of the heaviest particles of the Standard Model: top-antitop + the Higgs boson,  and top-antitop + the W or Z boson. The foundations of the soft gluon resummation and the calculational method will be described. Results will be presented through next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic (NNLL) accuracy matched to the existing next-to-leading order (NLO) results. The theoretical accuracy of the obtained NLO+NNLL predictions is significantly improved with respect to the NLO results.

The predictions for total and differential cross sections will be compared to recent data from the LHC.