Seminar: A semi-analytical jet model to fit all-scale jets

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Cyberspace
  • Lecturer: Chiara Ceccobello, Chalmers University, Sweden
  • Contact person: Sofia Ramstedt
  • Seminarium

Jets are a largely common phenomenon and reveal themselves at different scales and redshifts, showing an extreme diversity in energetics, shapes and emission, in objects such as active galactic nuclei (AGN) and X-ray binaries (XRBs), young stellar objects (YSOs), pre-planetary nebulae (PPNe) and so on. Observations suggest that jets are an energetically important component, not only to the systems that host them, but also their larger surrounding environments, where they deposit a significant amount of energy that has been extracted from the accretion flow. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms responsible for the formation and emission of jets is a fundamental problem to be addressed.

In this talk, I will present a new integration scheme to solve relativistic and non-relativistic MHD equations describing collimated disk-driven outflows. For the first time, jet solutions can be reconstructed from the disk mid-plane to downstream of the modified magnetosonic fast point, where there end with a recollimation shock. These solutions show a range of jet dynamics, which makes this model suitable for application to many different systems in which relativistic and non-relativistic jets are launched. I will discuss two applications to show how the solutions can be used even before the coupling with a radiation code.


After last week's initial try, we have decided to now try with the following setup:

- The zoom meeting will open at 13.45 so that you can log on and try it out.

- Participants should mute their microphones unless they have a question.

- Questions are allowed during the talk. Just raise your hand in the zoom app.

- After the talk has finished, unmute for applause.

- If possible, keep your video on during the full seminar so that the speaker gets visual feedback while talking.

- Questions after the talk will be administered like last time; raise your hand in the app and Sofia will chair and give the word.

-Finally, after the talk and question sessions are finished, the meeting will remain open for an informal ”bring-your-own-fika” if you want to hang around and chat with your colleagues and the speaker.