Seminar: Approaching the beasts: understanding accretion onto black holes through rapid X-ray variability

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Cyberspace
  • Lecturer: Stefano Rapisarda, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
  • Contact person: Sofia Ramstedt
  • Seminarium

Accreting black holes power the most luminous high-energy phenomena in the Universe. The emission from accreting black holes is characterised by short time scale variability, i.e. fast stochastic luminosity fluctuations. Such variability origins from very close to the black hole, in a region far too small to directly image (even in the distant future). Determining the origin of this variability is a key element to understand the physics of accretion onto black holes and, therefore, to understand and quantify the role of accreting black holes in our Universe.

Despite the variability has now been investigated for more than 40 years, its origin is still a matter of debate. In this talk I will show how we study black hole X-ray binaries and the most recent developments in modelling the observed variability.

We will run with the following setup:
- The zoom meeting will open at 13.45 so that you can log on and try it out.
- Participants should mute their microphones unless they have a question.
- Questions are allowed during the talk. Just raise your hand in the zoom app.
- After the talk has finished, unmute for applause.
- If possible, keep your video on during the full seminar so that the speaker gets visual feedback while talking.
- Questions after the talk will be administered as follows; raise your hand in the app and Sofia will chair and give the word.

-Finally, after the talk and question sessions are finished, the meeting will remain open for an informal ”bring-your-own-fika” if you want to hang around and chat with your colleagues and the speaker.