Lecture: Photoionization for fun and profit

  • Date:
  • Location: Zoom: https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/66822581026
  • Lecturer: John Bozek from synchrotron SOLEIL
  • Contact person: Jan-Erik Rubensson
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Many great names are associated with the early days of photoionization including Heinrich Hertz, Albert Einstein, and a name particularly familiar to this audience, Kai Siegbahn. From the beginnings of quantum mechanics, photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) has been a powerful tool to study the electronic structure of matter. The utility continues today with the discovery/observation of new phenomena through PES, for example Interatomic Coulombic Decay and its associated processes, and the extension of the technique to new targets such as liquid microjets of water, organic solvents, and ever liquid ammonia! The recent developments of ultrafast pulses of ionizing radiation from High Harmonic Generation (HHG) and Free Electron Lasers (FELs) has extended the utility of photoionization to the understanding of electronic and nuclear dynamics in atoms, molecules, clusters, etc. In this talk I will illustrate some of the modern tools in use at synchrotrons, with a particular focus on the PLEIADES beamline at Synchrotron SOLEIL, and FELs for the study of atomic and molecular physics with examples of how the scientific community can profit from these novel capabilities.