Stars and error bars

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Online: Zoom
  • Lecturer: Alvin Gavel, Uppsala University
  • Organiser: Division of Astronomy and Space Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Contact person: Sofia Ramstedt
  • Seminarium

In this seminar I'll discuss the three articles that will be included in my thesis. The first article describes a pipeline for estimating stellar parameters, and also describes a general method for testing pipelines. The second article attempts to use abundances in the cluster M30 to estimate the stellar evolution parameter T0, and also describes a general method for estimating parameters based on cluster abundances. The third article describes a method for (maybe) estimating alpha-abundances from Gaia spectra, and our current attempts at figuring out if it actually worked or not.

Each article can be read either as a stellar spectroscopy paper trying to answer some specific research question, or as a description of some general statistical method of astronomical interest, which so happens to be illustrated with a specific research question. Through the talk I'll move back and forth between these perspectives, to make it clear what concrete question we were trying to answer, but also explain why each paper might be useful to you even if you work in a completely different field than me.