KAW Colloquium - Wallenberg Initiative Material Science for Sustainability

  • Date: –16:15
  • Location: Häggsalen, 10132, and Zoom: https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/66216419653
  • Lecturer: Prof. Magnus Berggren, Linköping University
  • Organiser: Institutionen för fysik och astronomi
  • Contact person: Erna Delczeg
  • Seminarium

14.15-15.00 Scientific presentation Magnus Berggren

15.00-15.15 Coffee break

15.15-15.45 Presentation of WISE

15.45 -16.15 Questions and discussion

Title of the scientific presentation:
Organic Electronics – Nature Connected

Organic electronic materials are unique as the signal translator across the biology-technology gap. These biocompatible materials are also easily complexed with polyanions, polycations and functional biomaterials and can then be included in various device architectures to form flexible, stretchable and even gelled device structures. In the form as organic bioelectronics these materials can process electronic, ionic and charged biomolecules in combination. These combined features make organic electronic materials unique in many aspects as the recorder and actuator of various functions and physiology of biological systems. Organic materials are also promising as redox, charge polarization and catalytic electrode systems for energy applications, including batteries, capacitors, fuel cells and electrolyzers. Finally, organic materials can be manufactured into complex device systems on paper and plastic foils, forming internet-of-things (IoT) outposts for future internet applications. The fundamentals of the materials will be reported as well as several application scenarios, within bioelectronics, energy technology and IoT, will be reported.

Please, keep updated on the Swedish Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten)'s recommendations!

Zoom passcode: KAW