Theoretical Physics Seminar: Ingmar Saberi

Title: Twisted eleven-dimensional supergravity and exceptional Lie superalgebras

Abstract: Twists of supersymmetric field theories have been the subject of intense and fruitful study for more than thirty years. Recently, there has been a great deal of progress on extending the technique of twisting to supergravity theories, building on the definition of twisted supergravity given by Costello and Li. Much of what is explicitly known about these theories comes from the topological B-model, whose string field theory, as studied by Bershadsky-Ceccotti-Ooguri-Vafa, conjecturally produces the holomorphic twist of type IIB supergravity. Progress on other supergravity theories, including eleven-dimensional supergravity, has been hindered by the lack of such a worldsheet approach. I will discuss a rigorous computation of the twist of the free eleven-dimensional supergravity multiplet, as well as an interacting BV theory with this field content that passes a large number of consistency checks. Surprisingly, the resulting holomorphic theory on flat space is closely related to the infinite-dimensional exceptional simple Lie superalgebra E(5,10). This is joint work with Surya Raghavendran and Brian Williams.