Programmes in Physics

Master programme in Physics, 120 credits
The Master Programme in Physics is developed in coordination with research groups at Uppsala University. During the programme’s first three terms, you may choose from a range of advanced physics courses, thus providing a specialisation in one field of physics. You may also choose courses from other fields (of physics) in order to create an individual profile for your master degree.

Science and Technology Foundation Year Programme 2019/2020 (in Swedish)

Bachelor Programme in Physics, 180 credits (in Swedish)

Teacher Education Programme in Physics and Mathematics (in Swedish)

Master Programme in Engineering Physics, 300 credits (in Swedish)

Master Programme in Materials Engineering, 300 credits (in Swedish)

Master Programme in Energy Systems Engineering, 300 credits (in Swedish)

Bachelor Programme in Nuclear Engineering, 60 credits (in Swedish)

Courses in Physics and Astronomy

Below you can see the courses that are given at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Last modified: 2021-10-25