Over-extremal brane shells from string theory?


Authors: Ulf Danielsson, Vincent Van Hemelryck and Thomas Van Riet

Preprint Number: UUITP-26/22

Abstract: We demonstrate that, if the usual phenomenological compactifications of IIB string theory with warped throats and anti-branes make sense, there must exist spherical brane shells in 4d that are overcharged. They correspond to classical over-extremal objects but without the usual naked singularities. The objects are made from D3 particles that puff into spherical 5-branes that stabilise at finite radii in 4d and whose inside corresponds to the supersymmetric AdS vacuum. One can think of these shells as stabilised Brown-Teitelboim bubbles. We find that these objects can be significantly larger than the string scale depending on the details of the warped compactification.