The full spectrum of AdS5/CFT4 II: Weak coupling expansion via the quantum spectral curve


Authors: Christian Marboe, Dmytro Volin

Preprint number: UUITP-61/18

We continue the effort to optimise and generalise the solution of the spectral problem of AdS5/CFT4 in the planar limit via integrability. We present a simple strategy to solve the quantum spectral curve perturbatively for general states by focusing on the Pμ-system. A Mathematica notebook with an implementation of this algorithm is provided, as well as an extensive database  with a user-friendly interface containing more than 8.000 solutions of the QSC. When investigating the solution space, we observe a curious phenomenon: existence of solutions for which the Q-system degenerates in the limit g->0. These degeneracies are lifted at higher orders in perturbation theory. The degenerating solutions have auxiliary Bethe roots merging with branch points at weak coupling.