Exact SUSY Wilson loops on S3 from q-Virasoro constraints


Authors: Luca Cassia, Rebecca Lodin, Aleksandr Popolitov, Maxim Zabzine

Preprint number:  UUITP-39/19

Abstract: Using the ideas from the BPS/CFT correspondence, we give an explicit recursive formula for computing supersymmetric Wilson loop averages in 3d N=2 Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons U(N) theory on the squashed sphere S3b with one adjoint chiral and two antichiral fundamental multiplets, for specific values of Chern-Simons level κ2 and Fayet-Illiopoulos parameter κ1. For these values of κ1 and κ2 the north and south pole turn out to be completely independent, and therefore Wilson loop averages factorize into answers for the two constituent D2×S1 theories. In particular, our formula provides results for the theory on the round sphere when the squashing is removed.