Dispersion Relation for CFT Four-Point Functions


Authors: Agnese Bissi, Parijat Dey, Tobias Hansen

Preprint-number: UUITP-42/19

We present a dispersion relation in conformal field theory which expresses the four point function as an integral over its single discontinuity. Exploiting the analytic properties of the OPE and crossing symmetry of the correlator, we show that in perturbative settings the correlator depends only on the spectrum of the theory, as well as the OPE coefficients of certain low twist operators, and can be reconstructed unambiguously. In contrast to the Lorentzian inversion formula, the validity of the dispersion relation does not assume Regge behavior and is not restricted to the exchange of spinning operators. As an application, the correlator < phi phi phi phi> in phi^4 theory at the Wilson-Fisher fixed point is computed in closed form to order epsilon^2 in the epsilon expansion.