Seminarium: Soft X-ray spectroscopy and scattering at the European XFEL: first experiments and future prospects

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  • Plats: Ångströmlaboratoriet Å60109
  • Föreläsare: Dr. Alexander Yaroslavtsev, European XFEL
  • Kontaktperson: Hermann Dürr
  • Seminarium

The soft x-ray spectroscopy and coherent scattering (SCS) is one of the scientific instruments that is now operational at the European XFEL in Hamburg, focusing mainly on the advanced problems of condensed matter including the ultrafast dynamics of magnetic systems. SCS offers various diffraction- and scattering-based experimental configurations as well as x-ray absorption spectroscopy in the soft x-ray range. The monochromatic photon energy range extends to the tender x-rays up to 3 keV, covering the important absorption edges of transition and rare-earth metals and light elements such as oxygen. The well-defined pulse structure of XFEL and the availability of femtosecond optical laser setup allows for the experiments in time domain with resolution down to few tens of femtoseconds. The European XFEL is a superconducting x-ray free electron laser with a megahertz pulse repetition rate, which opens up the possibility to boost the data collection efficiency on one hand and imposes the additional specificity on the other. The talk will introduce the current status of SCS and give a selective overview of early experiments, the achievements and challenges encountered during the first year of operation.