Mass loss of cool luminous stars: A new generation of stellar wind models

  • Datum: –15.00
  • Plats: Online: Zoom
  • Föreläsare: Emelie Siderud, Susanne Höfner
  • Arrangör: Instutionen för fysik och astronomi avdelningen för astronomi och rymdfysik
  • Kontaktperson: Andreas Korn
  • Seminarium

4 månaders seminarium

Evolved stars play a crucial role for the cosmic matter cycle and the origin of life. Critical chemical elements, like carbon, are produced inside luminous cool giant stars, transported to the surface by turbulent gas flows, and ejected into interstellar space by massive outflows of gas and dust. The current knowledge of stellar winds is incomplete, and does not allow us to fully understand their effects on the evolution of stars, and how they enrich their surroundings with newly produced elements and cosmic dust.

We will present ongoing and planned work on producing and testing a new generation of dust-driven wind models for Asymptotic Giant Branch stars based on the DARWIN code. Initially, the focus is on improving the description of stellar pulsation in the DARWIN models by using results from the current generation of 3D AGB models. After testing the upgraded version of DARWIN models against observations, large grids of wind models will be produced, to deduce the dependence of wind properties (mass loss rate, wind velocity, dust-to-gas-ratio) on stellar parameters.

This is a "4-month PhD presentation" given jointly by the starting PhD student and her main supervisor.