Licentiatseminarium: Towards a realistic hyperon reconstruction with PANDA at FAIR

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  • Föreläsare: Adeel Akram
  • Kontaktperson: Karin Schönning
  • Licentiatseminarium

Adeel Akram försvarar sin licentiatavhandling "Towards a realistic hyperon reconstruction with PANDA at FAIR". Opponent är docent Marek Jacewicz och examinator är professor Johan Nyberg.


The goal of the PANDA (anti-Proton ANnihilation at DArmstadt) experiment at FAIR (Facility for Anti-proton and Ion Research) is to study strong interactions in the confinement domain. In PANDA, a continuous beam of anti-protons (pbar) will impinge on a fixed hydrogen (p) target inside the High Energy Storage Ring (HESR), a feature intended to attain high interaction rates for various physics studies e.g. hyperon production.

Two types of hydrogen targets are under development: a pellet target and a cluster-jet target where either high density pellets or clusters of cooled hydrogen gas will be injected at the interaction point. The residual gas from the target system is expected to dissipate along the beam pipe resulting in a target that is effectively extended outside the designed interaction point. The realistic density profile of target and residual gas has implication for physics studies, e.g. in the ability to select signals of interest and, at the same time, suppress background.

All hyperon simulations in PANDA until now have been performed under ideal conditions. In this work, I will for the first time implement more realistic conditions for the beam-target interaction and carry out simulations using the pbar p -> Lbar L as benchmark channel. The impact of the different configurations of the vacuum system will be discussed in detail. In addition, I will present tests of some of PANDA's particle track finders that are not based on ideal pattern recognition approaches. The results will provide important guidance for future tracking developments within PANDA.

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