Ledig tjänst: Junior communications officer på CERN


There is now a job opening available for students at CERN. They are looking for a new junior communications officer to join the CERN openlab team for one year (starting around 1 February/March 2022).

The selected candidate will work to communicate CERN openlab’s work to a wide range of audiences. Tasks will include: working on public reports produced by CERN openlab, producing outreach materials (such as brochures, posters, videos), running the CERN openlab website on a day-to-day basis*, monitoring press coverage of CERN openlab, supporting workshops and other events, helping with CERN openlab’s nine-week summer-student programme, and running our annual summer-student hackathon.

The application deadline is 11 October at 12pm CET.

Read more on CERNs webpage 

*CERN openlab is a unique public-private partnership, through which CERN works with leading ICT companies (such as Intel, Oracle, Siemens, Micron and Google) and other research organisations to drive innovation in this area. All the information about the group and its work can be found on CERNs webpage

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