Materials Theory

Materials theory is a research field where the focus lies on modeling, predicting, and designing materials we encounter in our daily life.

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Welcome to the division of Materials Theory! We are a large division focusing on theoretical research on condensed matter and materials. Our research is organized into two research programs: Materials Theory and Quantum Matter Theory.

The Materials Theory program focuses on methodological developments and applications of first-principles electronic structure theory, dynamical mean field theory, time dependent density functional theory and simulation tools for magnetization dynamics. Applications of such methods to materials specific questions involve functional magnets; energy relevant systems such as battery materials, solar cells and materials for hydrogen storage; materials in reduced dimension; driven quantum systems; semiconductors; materials with correlated electronic structure. In addition, researchers in the program study matter under extreme condition (pressure and temperature) as well as materials for bio-technology.

The Quantum Matter Theory program studies condensed matter where quantum effects distinctively determine the properties, with an emphasis on development and understanding of effective low-energy models. Current research topics include unconventional superconductivity, topological phases, non-equilibrium physics in nanosystems, strongly correlated systems, ultracold atoms, and quantum information.

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The Master program in physics with specialization towards materials theory provides you with a first-class education within the field of materials theory. We offer you a stimulating environment from day one.

Many of your teachers are an active member of one of the world's largest research groups within materials theory, the division of materials theory at the department of astronomy and physics at Uppsala university.

The possibilities for you to specialize within materials theory range from many particle physics via density functional theory to macroscopic modelling with applications ranging from basic research to industry relevant research.

If you wish to do your bachelor- or master thesis at the Division for Materials Theory you should visit our education pages and have a look what projects we propose.