The importance of the weak

Björgvin Hjörvarsson
Björgvin Hjörvarsson. Photo: Camilla Thulin.

The Swedish Research Council reached a decision on October 31, 2019 on project grants and starting grants for Natural and Engineering Sciences. The Department of Physics and Astronomy is granted 40 840 000 SEK for the period 2020-2023 for in total nine project grants and three starting grants. The projects will begin during 2020.

Project description

Project title: The importance of the weak
Main applicant: Björgvin Hjörvarsson, Division of Materials Physics
Grant amount: 3 200 000 SEK for the period 2020-2023
Funder: Project grant from the Swedish Research Council

We intend to establish understanding of the ordering and phase transitions of magnetic systems involving more than one energy scale. The planned activity is based upon investigations of amorphous layered structures. The overall strategy is based on two main lines of research:

  1. Exploration of the effect of mixed energy scales on phase transitions in 2D metamaterials
  2. Exploration of the effect of mixed energy scales for phase transitions in 3D materials

The effort is at the absolute research frontier, providing excellent training grounds for young scientists.