From Exact Results to Gauge Dynamics on R3×S1


Authors: Arash Arabi Ardehali, Luca Cassia, Yongchao Lü

Preprint number: UUITP-49/19

We revisit the vacuum structure of the N=1 Intriligator-Seiberg-Shenker model on R3×S1. Guided by the Cardy-like asymptotics of its Romelsberger index, and building on earlier semi-classical results by Poppitz and Unsal, we argue that previously overlooked non-perturbative effects generate a Higgs-type potential on the classical Coulomb branch of the low-energy effective 3d N=2 theory. In particular, on part of the Coulomb branch we encounter the first instance of a dynamically-generated quintic monopole superpotential.